Nationwide Turnkey
Project Implementation
and General Contractors

General Contractors

SVW is a licensed General Contractor delivering a full suite of interior and exterior commercial contracting, design-build and construction management services nationwide.

Financial & Retail Implementation

Since 1985 we've been delivering customized implementation solutions to the Financial and Retail industries; ATMs, pneumatics, safe deposit boxes, vaults, safes, branding, digital signage, retail kiosks, POS terminals and more.

Turnkey Solutions

SVW's true expertise; Industry specialized project management coordinating, site crews, surveys, drawings, permits, site-construction, services, installation, branding and bring live.


Security Vault Works is the premier turnkey implementation and General Contracting specialist to the Financial and Retail industries; Delivering "best in class" project expertise, cost effective single-source deployment and general contracting services.

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Notable Events

The Present and Future of SVW




In May 2015, Security Vault Works reached a milestone anniversary- 30 years in business! Tim and Linda had no idea that Security Vault Works would become the organization that it is today when they started the business in their Laurel, MD town house. Today, SVW has approximately 195 more employees than it did on the day they opened their door for business. 


We all know about SVW’s successful past, but what about the company’s present state and what lies in store for the future?


Today, Security Vault Works enjoys a national reputation as a leading commercial general contractor providing installation and construction solutions and services to the financial, retail, restaurant, and government services industries. Our current level of services far surpasses Tim and Linda’s original vision of becoming a single source provider of bank equipment installations.






SVW Continues to Expand


This year SVW has hit another milestone anniversary- 30 years in business! Since our last anniversary issue of Tales from the Vault five years ago, we have opened two new branches to tackle two bigger markets and hired 50 more employees. To accommodate the new additions, we have expanded and relocated our Indiana, Missouri, Northern California, and Texas offices. 


The first employee to be hired in 1985 just celebrated his 30 year anniversary with Security Vault Works. We are extremely grateful for Chris Bellofatto and the continued dedication and hard work he displays daily on the job. Security Vault Works has 40 employees who have worked here for 10 years or more.


Today, 30 years later, SVW has grown into one of the largest installer of banking equipment in the United States.  Today we have 200 employees, $50 million dollars in revenue, 10 branch offices, 80+ trucks, and strong partnerships with the nation's largest retailers, financial institutions and equipment manufacturers.