SVW Annual Overview 2017 – Where is the Business Heading?


Too often we hear our clients ask "where is your sweet spot?" While many competitors may have a business model which dictates where they can and cannot reach, SVW has developed a blended strategy minimizing cost while maximizing reach.

As you can see from the map above, SVW achieved tremendous reach in 2017. The Team was capable of performing work in all 50 states and produced 21,523 jobs in the fiscal 2017 year. SVW has GC licenses in all 50 states and performed 1593 ‘turnkey’ and 1464 general contracting jobs in 2017. SVW’s success is directly related to the confidence our clients have to demand the highest quality while recognizing our team’s ability to provide service uniformity nationally or customization by market. During this period our Tier One customer base expanded to 54 clients with various factions all requiring specific attention and unique deliverables.

During the same period, SVW has grown to include 225 full time employees, 67 project managers, 15 Sr. Project Managers, 11 Sr. Construction Managers, 83 Field Supervisors and 10 Operations Managers.

Specific to giving our clients the attention they deserve, SVW has added four (4) Account Mangers whom are responsible for catering to the every need of our Tier One client relationships. These Account Managers are in place to ensure SVW total ownership while operational teams deliver the expected result for the client, creating a collaborative partnership to ensure long-term mutual success.

Additionally, over the last 12 months SVW reinvested in itself by overhauling telephony and our interactive web-portal access for our clients, streamlining daily correspondence and giving clients 24x7 access to SVW service deliverables. We have also invested comprehensively in leveraging the advanced immeasurable abilities of SharePoint as a forecasting and operational tool delivering valuable operational information and personnel redundancy. Lastly, we sent our best and brightest to Advanced Effective Communications Training to further match the expectations of our clients.

SVW’s future is very bright due to the growing list of clients whom rely on SVW for various services beyond traditional equipment installations and more specifically demand our general contracting acumen. The retail and financial industries continue to optimize how their clients experience their services. As they do, SVW is the leading force behind making those visions a reality.