ABOUT Security Vault Works

SVW, a Powerhouse Company, has been in business since 1985 providing turnkey implementation and construction services to the Financial and Retail industries.

Our business model is built on Project Management expertise and field competency to deliver on any project regardless of its complexity or location. This requires a fundamental commitment to an un-equaled infrastructure. SVW has ten office and warehouse locations across the U.S., each location is equipped with staff, warehousing, crews, fleet vehicles and all the associated disciplines to service the industry while being operationally efficient in the local market.

SVW is able to access the entire country, providing turnkey, construction and general contracting services for local and national customers. Our client base consists of U.S. Government agencies, financial institutions, retail institutions and manufacturers of Banking & Retail equipment.

The intent is to provide each SVW client a full suite of turnkey services regardless of project size, geography or scope.