Security Vault Works Enhances ATM Security with the Next Generation Security Gate Solution


Security Vault Works Enhances ATM Security with the Next Generation Security Gate Solution

Author Apryle Krause

We’re proud to share that we now offer a second generation security gate solution for ATMs to help thwart increasingly aggressive thieves.

“With ATM thefts on the rise, we are always looking for the newest and best solutions to protect our customers,” said George Theofilos, SVP Business Development, SVW. “A layered physical approach is now essential to ATM asset protection. We are thrilled to officially roll out our full-service solution for ATM security gates. We are already hard at work across the county providing peace of mind to our clients by installing thousands of ATM machines for clients with a perfect on-time delivery and no-breach track record.”

Criminals are becoming more calculated in their attacks, taking time to survey the market to identify unprotected targets. In recent attacks, they use a number of techniques and resources, including heavy equipment, to breach the ATM safes and the cash within them. During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as banks closed or restricted hours, customers were encouraged to use ATMs that now hold more money. Subsequently, Travelers Insurance saw claims for damages because of ATM thefts increased by 220% from 2019 to 2020[1]. SVW’s second generation gate design has evolved just as criminal tactics have changed, providing additional layers of protection for their clients’ most important drive-up and remote assets.

Usability and customization remain core to SVW’s offering as well, ensuring customers maintain a consistent image that reflects their brand with a functional solution. The gates are designed for easy accessibility by sanctioned service teams while custom color paints can be used prior to the application of a rust-preventive coating.

The turn-key process for deployment of SVW’s security gates includes:

  • Location surveying
  • Design creation meeting custom specifications
  • Gate and supporting structure manufacturing
  • Installation

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